I wonder how many men would say that a song which reminds them of their Lady, literally brings them to tears. When I hear certain songs, I can’t help but tear up. To meet the woman I’ve waited my entire life for, to marry her, to spend my life with her, is all I’ve ever wanted.

Happy doesn’t begin to describe how this makes me feel. To have her. To hold her. To love her. To be with her, forever.

Words aren’t enough, so tears will have to do.

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Sometimes I surprise myself with the crazy, convoluted, twisted scenarios I can dream up… I wish my imagination wouldn’t run rampant on some things. Especially when the truth can be much more tame, or incredibly, mind boggling, worse.

When I love, I love deeply.
When I love, I love unconditionally.
When I love, I’m sweet and kind.
When I love, I’ll do anything for you.
When I love, I’ll never leave you.

But when I’m not happy, I’m just a dick.



The perfect cuddling couch. In good company, I’d probably stay there all day & night… ;)

fuck company, unless you meant a good tv show that you have all the seasons of..


SO dublin minors won the all ireland football this week (don’t worry if u don’t understand its just a sideline)

and they were all out celebrating

and they found daniel radcliffe in dublin at 4am and invited him to a house party with them

and he…went with them

Harry looks rough


Mungo Thomson - Negative Space (2006)

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Mungo Thomson - Negative Space (2006)

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This is off the Bermuda Triangle,  where 16+ ships washed up on a sand bar. The mystery is still unsolved

Actually the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been given a scientific explanation: methane vents which have been discovered in that region. 

Methane reduces the density of water, causing ships that would normally float, to instead sink.

Methane, when in gas form, messes with the electrical components of aircraft, causing them to fail and sometimes fall right out of the sky.

Methane also causes the water to turn a ghostly greenish color, and the “ghost ships” reported to be seen are simply green reflections of the ships that scatter the bottom of the triangle.

The deal with aircraft is that the altimeter (device that tells how high the plane is) reads the lower pressure of the methane gas cloud as a higher altitude, you’re at 5,000 ft. and fly through the cloud and suddenly it’s reading you’re at 7,500 ft. or something.  To fix this pilots fly lower and lower. If you’re already low and can’t see the water (because it’s night, foggy, etc.) the plane will end up flying right into the sea.

Now you know

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